Documents of The Tagil Chemical Park


622012, Severnoe Highway, 21; office 7
Nizhny Tagil,
Sverdlovsk region, Russia.
+7 343 534 63 21

The Tagil Chemical Park is a ready-made site for chemical production with its own raw materials base. All conditions for placing chemical enterprises of high hazard classes are created here.

The chemical industry is the most dynamically developing branch in the Sverdlovsk region, and the Tagil Chemical Park is the best industrial park in the region (according to the rating of attractiveness of industrial parks, G1 Consulting, 2016).

Thanks to the industry specialization, the industrial site is fully provided with infrastructure for the rapid launch of chemical production. Here there is a resource base - phenol, methanol, formaldehyde, oil and gas products. The Industrial Park has its own treatment facilities. The cleaning of industrial wastewater, utilization of chemical contaminated sewage, landfill for utilization of solid industrial wastes - all these systems function in the Chemical Park.

Today, there are independent residents in the industrial park, in particular, the Ural Plasticizer Plant, as well as joint ventures with PJSC “Uralkhimplast”. So, the resident of the park is the Russian-German enterprise "Uralkhimplast-Huttenes Albertus" that produces chemical products for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy (casting resins). Also, the reagent manufacturer “Uralkhimplast-Amdor”, a Russian-Austrian company, is here. Here there is the Russian-Italian "Uralkhimplast-Cavenaghi", chemical products (molds and synthetic rods) for the foundry industry are its profile. The active residents are the joint Russian-American enterprise"Uralkhimplast" and SI Group that produce synthetic resins for the production of tires and industrial rubber, abrasive and friction products.

New residents can join existing production chains and find business partners for the organization of chemical production in Russia. Chemical enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region are a powerful cluster that is ready for partnership and localization of new productions at its base. Enterprises of the region produce industrial gases, chrome compounds, sulfuric acid, copper vitriol, mineral fertilizers, fiberglass and plastic products, as well as perfumery, cosmetics, medical, pharmaceutical and other products.

The production base, high demand for products and a wide sales market are provided in the Sverdlovsk region for the following industries: the production of raw chemical components for building materials; the production of ion-exchange resins for various industries; the production of special reagents for the oil and gas and extractive industries; the production of coating material and industrial coatings; the production of organic pigments and fluorescent brightening agents, etc.

The Tagil Chemical Park Management Company provides residents with environmental services on turnkey basis and helps to comply with the requirements of legislation in the field of environmental protection and industrial safety.